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It’s time to set the facts straight on EQ coatings.

ProSTUD® with DiamondPlus® Coating meets and exceeds the code. But in recent years, many architects, specification writers and contractors have been misled to believe it doesn’t. Today, the facts speak.

ClarkDietrich stands on the winning side of a landmark legal decision in which a jury agreed, unanimously, that a group of competitors entered a conspiracy to publish false statements about our ProSTUD products. The jury also determined this same group had violated the Ohio Deceptive Trade Practices act and engaged in unfair competition.

In addition to the legal victory, our position is bolstered by abundant data and solid science. Results from recent salt spray testing prove that ProSTUD with DiamondPlus Coating meets the performance level of standard G40 steel—and far surpasses it. That’s because our EQ coating is not a paint, primer or surface treatment. It’s a permanently bonded coating formed through a chemical reaction that provides unparalleled corrosion protection.

Here, you can explore our growing list of resources and discover the truth. There’s more than enough information to help you specify our EQ coated studs with absolute confidence.


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